Benefits Suite


Our benefits suite helps to consolidate a variety of employee benefits into a single platform.

The ThrivePass Benefits Suite was designed for Human Resources Professionals in industries that offer benefits to its employees. The true value of ThrivePass is that not only do we create programs that can stand on their own, but we can consolidate them into a single platform providing a seamless experience for admins and employees. The benefits suite offers Wellbeing/Engagement, Learning & Development, and TPA Services (HSA, FSA, HRA, and COBRA) on a single platform. Traditionally administrators had to work with several niche vendors to meet all these needs. This means that they must be in contact with several different account managers and employees are forced to go to numerous locations to access their benefits. This disjointed system creates a lack of employee engagement because it is too difficult to navigate. We understand that too much change at one time can be hard on people so we can either launch multiple programs at once or we can create a roadmap to start with a single program and roll in additional one's overtime.
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