ToolsGroup SO99+ SaaS hosted by Brookes

Автор: Brookes

ToolsGroup's SO99+ supply chain planning software implemented and hosted by Brookes on Azure

Brookes Supply Chain Solutions is the official distributor of ToolsGroup SO99+ in the UK and Ireland, and is the most experienced implementer and ongoing channel support partner for the ToolsGroup Service Optimiser 99+ (SO99+) platform delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service).

SO99+ is unique because it was designed from the beginning as a single model for an end-to-end planning process, eliminating the requirement for passing data from one module to the next, which contributes to bullwhip effect and often introduces scalability problems.

All of our solutions are built from the same detailed coherent model of demand and supply. The result is an end-to-end process that minimises the bullwhip effect, scales easily, and provides deep insight into demand signals, inventory behaviours and supply chain volatility. The solution components can be implemented independently, but are completely interlocking from the ground up, creating a tightly connected, high efficiency supply chain planning platform that leverages innovations in probabilistic forecasting and artificial intelligence (machine learning).

ToolsGroup SO99+ encompasses core supply chain functions including: demand forecasting, fulfilment and replenishment. It also includes next-level functionality such as demand sensing, sales and operations planning (S&OP), multi-echelon inventory optimisation, trade promotion forecasting and new product demand modelling.

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