UIBStable. restaurant reservations system

Автор: UIBS United Business Solutions Limited

restaurant reservations system

UIBStable. restaurant reservations system is our new offering for the future of digital hospitality guest experience.

Fill more tables and easily deliver hospitality that builds loyalty with UIBStable and its fully integrated online booking engine, table management and UIBScrm loyalty and preference guest profile system.

Welcome and greed guests upon arrival at the reception, control your guest flow and bring all your reservations and guest data into one place so you can do what you do best - deliver outstanding guest experiences.

Become efficient

  • Table management
  • Integrations
  • Automation

Delight guests

  • Capture guest data
  • Track your regulars
  • Personalization

Increase covers

  • Online reservations
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Reduce no-shows

Available on Desktop, iPad, iPhone and Android

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