Olla Experience Platform for Health Systems

Автор: Olla

Grow net-new revenue w/ consumer-grade, AI-powered care experiences.

Olla enables enterprise healthcare organizations to deliver consumer-grade, AI-powered care experiences that expand market share and maximize loyalty.

Olla is for enterprise health systems looking to grow by meeting consumer demands for convenient, digitally-enabled care experiences. By providing a seamless, consumer-grade experience across both digital and in-person care with efficient, intuitive workflows, Olla provides the foundation for earning loyal patients, providers and lifetimes of care.
The task of unifying everything to become this experience is no longer a monumental challenge.

Olla provides everything a Health System needs to create new top-line growth opportunities through on-brand, consumer-grade experiences, all in harmony with existing IT & EHR investments.

- Unified technology platform that works with your existing IT & EHR investments
- Branded consumer-grade app experiences for patients, providers, staff
- Native EHR integrations
- Proven operating & marketing playbooks

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