Vena Complete Planning Solution

Автор: Vena Solutions

Vena is the complete planning platform for finance, operations and business leaders.

Vena is the only native Excel Complete Planning Platform built for Microsoft 365 with Power BI embedded. Finance, operations and business leaders use Vena to connect people, departments, processes and systems, and combine financial and operational data to enable actionable insights that align teams and drive agile planning and growth.

Powered by the Vena Growth Engine, Vena Complete Planning is a secure, easy-to-use and collaborative cloud-based CPM platform that:
  • Automates key processes and synchronizes workflows with Excel
  • Powers best-in-class modeling, AI-powered analysis and company-wide business intelligence that enables real-time data and collaboration capabilities
  • Streamlines FP&A, extended planning and any complex, spreadsheet-powered business process
  • Integrates with multiple source systems to connect data from across the business
  • Provides complete auditability, transparency and control over your data
  • Adheres to government and industry regulations including GDPR, PIPEDA and CCPA

Microsoft and Vena Template KIts
Jumpstart your plan to grow with our library of free template kits. Each of the following kits have been curated by Microsoft and Vena to help teams work together across the Microsoft technology stack leveraging templates that simplifies work processes. Pick one or download them all:
  • Executive Board Report
  • Revenue Planning and Projections
  • Employee Growth Plan

Over 1,200 of the world’s leading companies Plan To Grow™ with Vena. Learn more at

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