VSM for Microsoft Teams

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Centralized performance management and optimization of Microsoft Teams voice and video calls

Need better visibility across unmanaged WFH networks?

Wherever your people work, Virsae’s AI-powered platform ensures your Microsoft Teams and contact center environments are operating at peak performance.

  • 52% of at-home workers are spending work time troubleshooting their network and devices to resolve voice and video call issues
  • A Microsoft Teams call will provide around 30,000 data-points, that Virsae uses machine learning to turn into actionable insights you can use to improve customer experience and employee wellbeing
  • Proactively resolve voice and video call issues with real-time insights in at-a-glance dashboards from technical XCaaS platforms, WFH network, room, and device analytics

The remote workforce has changed everything; people are making calls via Microsoft Teams using a wide range of connectivity, speeds, and ISPs, typically on consumer-grade connections. Moreover, they are sharing their network with family members who take up precious bandwidth and can cause background noise not traditionally experienced in the workplace. IT needs to know exactly what the user experience is, why it’s happening, and what to do about it.

With the shift to work from home (WFH), those previously unmanaged networks need to become a part of your enterprise communications environment. Deploy Virsae Service Management (VSM) across your entire organization, for every employee, wherever they work. Ensure every Microsoft Teams call is a seamless, high-performing experience for agents and customers alike.

The Microsoft Azure-native VSM suite delivers a complete end-to-end view of UC performance and user experience across complex XCaaS platforms, including ‘unmanaged’ WFH environments courtesy of VSM Everywhere (a software agent deployed on user devices). Virsae’s category-defining analytics platform shows the quality of user experience within the Teams platform through to the remote workers' home environment, and everything in between. User experience analytics include workstation and home network performance and even extends to telemetry data such as headset boom position and background noise.

  • Keep workers happy and productive with VSM Everywhere’s AI-powered intelligence as it tracks and manages user experience, and staff comfort and wellbeing, everywhere they work
  • Gain full-stack data-driven insights with intuitive at-a-glance dashboard views of applications, communications systems, networks, ISPs, and ‘unmanaged’ workstations, home environments, and headsets
  • Deliver experiences customers expect by understanding the entire customer calling experience through deep analytics-driven insight
Companies that invest in the centralized management of voice, video, and network performance, benefit from increased revenue, better agent performance, and reduced operational costs. Get started with VSM Everywhere to gain always-on, end-to-end analytics and insights across your entire enterprise communications environment. Support your team to deliver better customer experience and employee wellbeing results

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