Orion IoT Air Quality Monitoring

Автор: Smarter Technologies

Real-time IoT air quality monitoring able to detect CO2 levels, noxious gases and pollutants.

As part of a robust health & safety process, air monitoring devices are essential equipment, ensuring all staff and visitors are safe. Orion IoT Air Quality Monitoring provides enhanced visibility, improved situational awareness and early indications of pollution hotspots. It uses stationary or mobile IoT-enabled sensors to map and monitor the air quality in small and large geographical areas. Data from these sensors is transmitted to a central management dashboard via Orion, The Real-Time Data Network™. The system will send an instant alert if an air quality risk is detected. Big data analytics capabilities can also be applied to this information to understand the causes and fluctuations in air pollution.

Major Benefits of Orion IoT Air Quality Monitoring:

  • Provide real-time data back to managers
  • Ideal for insulated buildings where high occupancy affects air quality
  • Automatic ventilation system control
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Monitor for pollutants
  • Produce real-time air quality maps for urban areas
  • Recirculate outdoor air


  • Facilities Management
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Buildings

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