Data integration and migration platform

Автор: WaveAccess

Combines business applications, data sources and other software platforms into one integrated system

WaveAccess offers data migration and integration services using SyncIT - our flexible and easily configurable platform.

SyncIT can be used for:
  • Data migration from a SQL database or 50+ other structured databases
  • MS Dynamics CRM user migration from any version of MS CRM to Dynamics 365 (e.g. from OnPremise to Online)
  • Data synchronization with any third-party system and Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Data import from a number of systems simultaneously
  • Integration of separate systems
  • Data cleansing and deduplication

Business value of SyncIT data integration platform:
  • Zero impact to working process: data migration between systems goes without discontinuing work with the final delta sync - synchronization of records that have been updated or changed during the migration stage
  • Real-time mode synchronization, automatic data actualization
  • Integration of any systems and any entities including custom ones
  • Compatibility with different platforms (50+ connectors already embedded) can be expanded by developing custom integration modules

Who benefits from our offer:
  • Management: increasing ROI and saving time
    • - Data integration can help you do more with fewer resources
    • - Integrated solutions prevent missing opportunities and allow for a wider picture of resources distribution
    • - Data integration supports better decision making
  • Sales & Marketing: streamlining processes and sales
    • - Data analysis made easy within the integrated system
    • - Integrated data makes the information visible to all parties. This makes it easier to get an overview of the sales and provide statistics without having to switch systems. This translates into better customer and partner relationships.
  • IT department: unloading of manual integration burden and separated systems support and upgrade

Who we are?

WaveAccess: 19 years of IT experience. 16+ industries use our solutions. 350+ projects, 80+ Integration projects

    Gold Microsoft Partner

    Gold Application Developer

    Silver Cloud Platform Developer

    Microsoft Partner of the year:

    • Media and Communications Award
    • Artificial Intelligence Award
    • Business Analytics Award

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