IoT devices data integration for Dynamics 365

Автор: WaveAccess

Gather data from remote IoT sources and process it in Dynamics CRM

WaveAccess invites you to integrate IoT objects with Dynamics CRM Online to gather data from remote sources and process this data using CRM — control parameters, make reports, search history.

Business value of IoT and CRM integration:
  • Automation of data acquisition from IoT devices helps collect more data, including that from remote or hard-to-reach locations;
  • Different data types, regarding the business requirements — physical and chemical parameters, moving object coordinates, video stream, transaction data, etc.
  • Saving infrastructure costs on cloud storage that is compliant with strict data security standards;
  • Easy expanding and scalability: new objects are added by IP;
  • Automatic report generation and delivery to responsible persons;
  • Acquired data can be used for further processing, such as: state detection, predictive analytics, etc., including data processing with third-party applications.

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