Webee Visual IoT

Автор: Webee

Build end-to-end Industrial IoT applications with no-coding in minutes.

Webee is The Next-Gen Industrial IoT to increase the visibility, sustainability, and efficiency of industrial operations.
Deploy end-to-end solutions in minutes with its no-coding end-to-end toolset powered by AI, IoT, and Computer Vision.

The solution provides real-time monitoring, alerts, and recommendations. Machine status, asset tracking, condition monitoring, warehouse & facility management, inventory management, worker safety & productivity are some of the applications users can build or install using their existing resources through a subscription to Webee's IIoT platform.

An easy to deploy solutions that don't require any technical expertise and can be deployed in minutes. The toolset has a visual drag and drop canvas to create your applications without the need to understand the complexities of IoT implementations. You can also create and deploy your applications instantly and distribute the information via MSM, alerts, as you see it fit. The most cost-effective solution in the market to solve your most important production challenges at a fraction of the time and prove the ROI instantly.

Intuitive no-coding Platform. No technical skills required

Install pre-built end-to-end solutions in minutes

Time & Cost-effective implementations

Contextual data aggregation 

Edge data storage and processing

+500 devices and drivers supported

Modify and scale solutions with drag-and-drop built-in modules:

  • Workflow & Rule Engine Builder

  • Web Form Builder

  • Dashboard and Application Builder

  • Advanced Statistics & Data Transformation

  • Connections out of the box: MQTT, HTTP/Rest, WebSockets

  • Visualization aids

  • Operators & Simple Statistics Modules

  • Alarm Notification Modules (SMS/E-mail/Api call)

  • Anomaly Detectors & AI Modules

  • Computer Vision Modules

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