WInsights for Animal Healthcare

Автор: WinWire Technologies

Data-driven insights to improve animal well-being & sustainable growth for animal health businesses

The animal health industry's commercial function is constantly exploring data-driven customer insights to shape business decisions, achieve business agility, sustainable growth, and digital transformation. Customer 360 is a critical digital transformation initiative that enables competitive advantage and sustainable development for animal health businesses. 


WinWire brings WInsights that transform data into actionable insights to help animal health organizations monetize critical data assets, drive growth, and accelerate time-to-market. 


WInsights, a solution accelerator, powered by Microsoft Azure Data Platform leverages best in class architectural principles and technologies to expedite insights for animal healthcare organizations. It brings the data cohesively into a functional data fabric leveraging Microsoft Azure Data and AI Services, accelerating time to market, and maximizing ROI.

Key deliverables

  • Pre-built dashboards and reports catering to enterprise functions.
  • Machine Learning and AI models for functional use cases.
  • Cohesive, unified data fabric to enable insights.
  • Pre-loaded data models aligned to business functions.
  • Self-service data exploration and AI experimentation.  
  • Pre-configured pipelines from internal and external data sources.


Key benefits 

  • Help field sales teams engage with vets & farm owners with real-time information & recommendation.
  • Enable global sales leaders with slices of sales performance across various dimensions.
  • Helps marketing teams with ML-based customer segmentation capabilities for targeted campaigns. 

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