Teams Phone and Headset Consultation and Trial : 1-hour Free Assessment

Yealink Inc.

This assessment will help you know how to choose the best Yealink Teams devices for you and provide trial experience!

Yealink is the first Microsoft Teams certified desk phone vendor in the industry, delivering Microsoft Teams experience to all desktop devices seamlessly. We have the first stable and featured Teams certified desk phone series covering entry- to executive-level, supporting firmware upgradability of applications between Teams and SfB. Not only that, wired headset and wireless headset are also the popular product we provide in the market.

You are looking for a native Microsoft Teams experience with Yealink's Microsoft Teams Voice Solutions. This assessment will help you know how to choose the best devices for you. More than that, if you are the customer who has above 200 Teams voice purchase/potentical and want to try voice hardware, we are free to provide Teams certified headset and/ or phone! Reach out to us, you can enjoy the offer below:

Yealink Free Pack: ① Yealink Full-line Devices Introduction and Customer Requirement Assessment ② Devices Trial ③ Set up Guidance ③ Consulting services

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