Intro to Power BI: 2-Day Workshop


This course teaches the core techniques that your business analysts and PMO need to use this powerful data intelligence and report authoring tool.

This one or more-day course utilizes either an Advisicon training/demonstration environment or, for a private class, the client organization may choose to use its own data sources to maximize immediate application of knowledge. This course can be delivered in-person or remotely in full- or half-day sessions. The one-day course will teach basic concepts and create a single report; two or more days allow for deeper learning including Power Query and DAX concepts as well as additional practical exercises.


Participants will learn to:

  • Describe the components of the Power BI suite and its benefits to the organization
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the source data schema
  • Perform basic transformations of data
  • Select appropriate visualizations for the data being reported
  • Apply appropriate filters to reports and dashboards


  • Build a report and dashboard and deploy it to the online Power BI service

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