Viva Suite - 2 Week Assessment


Create a pathway to adopting the Viva Suite through understanding of your vision, prioritising your needs and readiness to adopt a unified employee experience platform

In today's changing work landscape, employee engagement and health are more important than ever. Employees play a key role in organisations' growth and continued success with a good employee experience now being a must-have rather than an option. Microsoft Viva is the employee experience platform that has been designed to meet the needs of the new era of flexible and digital work.

Empower your people with the digital tools and curated materials that can help them perform at their best, all in the familiarity of the Microsoft Teams environment.

We will take a 3-step approach to this assessment:

Step 1: Assess We will work with your business stakeholders to assess where you are currently at with employee experience and review your employee experience platforms. By undertaking up to four 1-on-1 interviews with key organisational personnel we'll then identify specific business challenges and where high value opportunities can arise.

Step 2: Envision We will showcase the Viva Platform to stakeholders and help generate excitement through awareness of the platform's key features. Our team will prioritise your key usage scenarios and identify your top value Viva Suite products before creating an Early Adoption Program (EAP) plan for launch.

Step 3: Realisation Roadmap In the final stage of the assessment, we will provide you with a Viva realisation roadmap for adopting the Viva Suite that considers your scenarios and higher value areas. By consulting with your team on the steps involved in your activities roadmap, we can recommend pathways to successfully adopt the top two priority Viva products.

This engagement is expected to be completed within 1-2 weeks.

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.

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