Data Protection and Governance with Microsoft Purview


Confident in your data governance security? With Microsoft Purview, we ensure data safety with encryption, access controls, and automated governance, safeguarding your business and compliance.

Data Protection and Governance with Microsoft Purview

Ensure robust data protection and governance by leveraging Microsoft Purview's advanced capabilities.

AVASOFT's Process for Data Protection and Governance with Microsoft Purview

  • Thorough Assessments: Conduct thorough assessments to grasp the unique data governance requirements within Microsoft Purview environments.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Collaborate closely with stakeholders to develop a data governance plan tailored to organizational objectives and leveraging Microsoft Purview's capabilities.
  • Framework Outline: Outline the current data governance framework and propose enhancements aligned with organizational goals and compliance needs, leveraging Microsoft Purview's features.
  • Roadmap Definition: Define a detailed roadmap for the design phase, outlining the sequential steps to implement data governance solutions effectively.
  • Testing Environment: Establish a secure testing environment reflecting Microsoft Purview setups, focusing on integrating data governance measures seamlessly.
  • Protocol Development and Testing: Develop and rigorously test data governance protocols iteratively to ensure compatibility and effectiveness within the Microsoft Purview ecosystem.
  • Pilot Rollout: Gradually roll out data governance enhancements, beginning with pilot groups to ensure smooth integration and minimal disruption.
  • Feedback and Optimization: Continuously gather feedback from stakeholders to refine and optimize data governance solutions.
  • Full Implementation: Implement Microsoft Purview data governance solutions across the organization, ensuring comprehensive coverage and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Our Services Include

  • Implementing Data Classification Policy, Access Control Policy, and Encryption Policy.
  • Assessing the importance of the data and implementing Data Retention Policy.
  • Effectively managing Data Lifecycle policies to secure data.

Key Benefits

  • Understanding Data Assets: Gain a clear understanding of data assets and their governance requirements within Microsoft Purview.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Identify and address risks to data governance proactively within Microsoft Purview.
  • Vulnerability Remediation: Identify and remediate vulnerabilities within Microsoft Purview to protect data governance processes.


  • Comprehensive Cataloging: Comprehensive cataloging of data assets within Microsoft Purview environments, including sensitive data.
  • Data Categorization: Categorization of data based on sensitivity levels and regulatory requirements within Microsoft Purview.
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation: Identification of risks to data governance within Microsoft Purview and development of strategies to mitigate these risks.
  • Vulnerability Evaluation: Evaluation of vulnerabilities within Microsoft Purview configurations that could impact data governance.

By leveraging AVASOFT's structured approach, your organization can enhance data protection and governance using Microsoft Purview, ensuring compliance and robust protection of your valuable data assets.

Offer Description

AVASOFT's Consulting Services for Microsoft 365

AVASOFT's consulting services provide professional expertise to help you get started with or extend your use of Microsoft 365. We offer capabilities and know-how that you either do not have in-house or need to augment. Our services support you in leveraging Microsoft 365 to achieve your business goals efficiently and securely.

How Our Services Support Customers in Using Microsoft 365

  1. Expertise and Capabilities
    • Security Implementation: Applying advanced security measures, such as data classification, access control, and encryption within Microsoft 365.
    • Compliance and Governance: Ensuring data governance and compliance through Microsoft 365's built-in features and AVASOFT's tailored policies.
  2. Tailored Solutions
    • Custom Development: Tailoring solutions within Microsoft 365 to meet specific business requirements.
    • Integration Services: Seamlessly integrating existing systems with Microsoft 365 to enhance pro

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