Customer Insights for Automotive 4-Wk Workshop


Create a complete view of your customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. At Avtex, we build better customer experiences with Microsoft AI and machine learning.

Gather your data with ease

Demographic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic segmentation data about your customers, along with corresponding brand traits of your vehicle line can be retrieved and stored securely in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights platform. Avtex draws from its automotive industry expertise to assess your data, identify the priority sources that make the most impact, and include additional third-party datasets for enrichment of automotive customer profiles.

Transform your data into Customer 360 Profiles

First, all the data sources are mapped to the Common Data Model: a standardized, modular, extensible schema. We then use Microsoft’s proprietary built-in machine learning capabilities to match sources on a variety of critical dimensions and find the hidden links that uncover each unique customer. Ultimately the data is merged together resulting in a unified Customer 360 profile for each unique person in your datasets. We help you create a searchable, filterable index of all your customers and provide you with a Power BI dashboard that connects to this data for further exploration and discovery.

Create a better Customer Experience

To better understand customer motivations, we build segments using any available dimensions of the 360° profile and help drive growth within these by implementing a Flow connector, sending data to a system of engagement; PowerApps connectors, providing access to citizen developers; or a Power BI dashboard, using analytics and machine learning to discover segments and opportunities previously hidden.

  • Initial configuration of Sandbox and Production environment
  • Connectivity to up to 3 data sources, natively through Customer Insights where available
  • Unify (Map, Match, Merge) data sources into Customer 360 profiles
  • Flow, PowerApps, or Power BI connector to Customer 360 profiles set up *Automotive buyer segments created relevant to your brand objectives

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