CGI Power Platform - Productivity App Factory : 1 day assessment

CGI Inc.

Productivity App Factory to deliver apps efficiently, globally, and at scale.

Productivity App Factory is the implementation of apps that are mapped to business processes using a set of predetermined assets that define the most efficient path to deliver high-quality apps in users’ hands quickly, seamlessly and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The apps are packaged with the design blueprints, the architecture, the documentation, the testing resources and all other collaterals needed as part of the app components, ready for deployment. Intuitive apps that can be easily deployed and work as expected mean that your users/customers get what they need as fast as possible.

Using “low-code/no-code” Microsoft Power Platform technology, we develop and tailor apps at a fraction of the cost of traditional development without sacrificing quality. Through our Productivity App Factory offer, we:

  • Build apps that are custom made to support your most effective processes
  • Support you with user adoption and satisfaction of these apps
  • Improve your organization’s productivity by designing apps adapted to how you really work and not the other way around
  • Implement quickly and at scale with quality engineering so that you can be assured that all the security, privacy, and compliance requirements of your business are met

Note: price to be determined based on scope of assessment

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