Microsoft 365 Adoption Services


Our CompuNet Adoption Team provides expert assistance at each stage of your Microsoft 365 adoption journey, ensuring your goals are achieved.

We are pleased to introduce Microsoft 365 Adoption Services by CompuNet by our Adoption Team, a comprehensive engagement designed to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives and goals. These services focus on driving customer success by increasing user adoption, productivity, and satisfaction through effective collaboration and utilization of technology solutions.

As an internal team, we play a crucial role in delivering these services and ensuring alignment with our customers' business goals. By participating in this engagement, we will have the opportunity to guide and support our customers in their journey towards best practices, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and a positive employee experience.

This service offering consists of two options: Standard and Premiere. The Standard Offering includes workshops designed to help our customers plan their Adoption Program, with the flexibility to add additional services as needed. The Premiere Offering provides a more tailored approach, offering support during the rollout phase and the ability to incorporate customizable adoption modules based on the unique requirements of our customers.

Let us join forces and empower our customers to embrace modern work practices. Together, we will shape a future where technology enables their organizations to thrive.


Week 1

  • Teams Chat & Collaboration Configuration Session
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Overview Session
  • Review of Discovery of current environment
  • Create/document Org-Wide Policy
  • Determine Teams/Channel Architecture
  • Introduce Microsoft 365 Adopt Framework
  • Prepare Required Training Resources
  • Prepare Help and Support Tools
  • Gather Modern Work Metrics
  • Legal Review of Proposed/Existing Policies (if in scope)
  • Provide Access to Training Resources

Week 2

  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Success Planning Session 1
  • Define Training Tools and Methods
  • Prepare Self Service Training Resources
  • Define Communication Tools and Methods
  • Define Help and Support Tools and Methods
  • Gather Modern Work Metrics
  • Champions Recruitment Email
  • Org-Wide Announcement
  • Tips & Tricks 1 Email

Week 3

  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Success Planning Session 2
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Success Planning Session 3
  • Identify User Groups
  • Champions Email to Managers sent out
  • Prepare Champions Communication
  • Review Feedback and Send Guided Resources
  • Gather Modern Work Metrics
  • Identify Workflow Users
  • Workflow Recruitment Email
  • Identify Resistance Users/Groups
  • Develop Resistance Management Plan
  • Champions Welcome Email
  • Org- Wide Baseline Survey
  • Tips & Tricks 2 Email

Week 4

  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Success Planning Review
  • Gather Modern Work Metrics
  • Champions Baseline Survey
  • Tips & Tricks 3 Email

Week 5

  • Gather Modern Work Metrics
  • Champions Midpoint Survey
  • Org-Wide Midpoint Survey
  • Tips & Tricks 4 Email

Week 6

  • Gather Modern Work Metrics
  • Champions Thank you Email
  • Champions Final Survey
  • Tips & Tricks 5 Email

Week 7

  • Gather Modern Work Metrics
  • Org-Wide Final Survey
  • Tips & Tricks 6 Email

Week 8

  • Project Closeout

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