RPA / Automation CoE Starter Kit: 3Wk Implementation


DMI will implement a framework for an Automation CoE utilising Microsoft’s Blueprint and best practices that can be customized by organizations for their own needs.

Whether you are an automation / RPA or professional developer looking to develop automation solutions or Automation CoE (Center of Excellence) looking to enable and govern automation/ RPA adoption at scale, this workshop is for you.

DMI are proud to offer this 3-week workshop to deliver an Automation CoE framework and enable organisations to adopt automation and Power Automate at scale. Utilising Microsoft best practices and HEAT (Holistic Enterprise Automation Techniques) this 3-week workshop will enable DMI to lead an organisation through the key activities to setting up an automation CoE:

  1. Empower
  2. Discover & Plan
  3. Design
  4. Build & Test
  5. Deploy & Manage
  6. Secure & Govern
  7. Nurture
  8. Continuous Improvement

By the end of engagement, you will be able to promote the wider adoption of the Power Platform and Power Automate within your organization. During the Workshop DMI will deliver:

  1. A complete CoE framework tailored to your organization inclusive of; a. A governance model for the Power Platform & Power Automate for citizen development
  2. A strategy to manage, maintain & continuously improve CoE
  3. A fully trained CoE team to maintain and govern best practices

*price is estimated due to unique customer requirements during implementation

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