DXC Event & Membership Mgt: Implementation Service


A business application that integrates the management of events and membership within Dynamics 365

DXC Event, Membership and Committee Management, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, is a unique business application for organization's which have a requirement to integrate the management of events and membership within Dynamics 365. The solution provides the following features:

  1. ) Event Management – Provides functionality to quickly and easily create and manage an event within Dynamics 365 2.) Membership Management – Create and manage all the different types of memberships that you offer as products within Dynamics 365 3.) Committee Management – Allows documentation, scheduled meetings and knowledge to be shared with Committee members 4.) Customer Portal – The portal is the interface to register for events, memberships and committees

This offering includes Implementation Services for the Event, Committee and Membership Management Solution. Scope, price and timeline are based determined based on each customer's specific business goals and functional requirements. As such, terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.

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