Xcelerate: Distribution Essentials add-on


Expand your distribution capabilities with essential tools for more complex sales and inventory management, complementing Xcelerate: Business Central Finance's robust platform.

Building on the solid foundation provided by the SPI add-on, the Xcelerate: Distribution Essentials for Business Central package offers expanded capabilities for small to medium-sized businesses that need to manage more complex sales, purchasing, and inventory scenarios. This solution elevates the efficiency of distribution operations through advanced features such as serial/lot number tracking, assembly management, and more sophisticated inventory and order management tools.

Ideal for businesses outgrowing the basic functionalities of sales and inventory management, Distribution Essentials provides the tools to manage the full spectrum of distribution activities. It’s suitable for companies that are scaling up and require additional control and insights into their sales, purchasing, and inventory processes.


Advanced Inventory Control: Harness the power of detailed item tracking, variants, and substitutes to manage inventory with greater accuracy and flexibility.

Enhanced Sales Capabilities: Utilize advanced pricing, discounts, and customer-specific pricing models to cater to a diverse customer base and drive sales growth.

Robust Purchasing Tools: Benefit from features like alternative vendor management and purchase line pricing and discounts for strategic sourcing and cost management.

Streamlined Warehouse Operations: Manage multiple locations and transfer orders efficiently, ensuring the right stock levels where and when they are needed.

Insightful Assembly Management: Assemble items efficiently with a clear overview of components and costs, improving the assembly process and tracking.

Designed to integrate with the core Xcelerate Business Central Finance packages, Distribution Essentials acts as a natural progression for businesses ready to expand their distribution capacity. With the foundational finance package in place, this add-on extends your ERP capabilities, ensuring a cohesive and powerful solution for your growing business needs.

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