Copilot Data Governance Readiness with Microsoft Purview

Ivision, Inc.

Accelerates deployment for Micosoft’s Copilot with robust data security strategy with Microsoft Purview and Microsoft 365 Security capabilities.

ivision’s Copilot Data Governance Readiness Offer will evaluate and capture requirements for Copilot readiness and the necessary controls for leveraging AI responsibly with operational data governance strategies. Mapping these Strategies to relevant service capabilities within Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Purview for data security. ivision will work with the team to develop a comprehensive data governance strategy and develop the tactical and prioritized policies to immediately protect, govern, and safeguard your sensitive data within Microsoft 365 and wherever your data lives.

What’s Included

  • Prepare for Microsoft Copilot by gaining true visibility to where your most sensitive data resides and strategies to safeguard against data security risks and possible oversharing
  • Provide clear design & strategy for Microsoft Copilot Responsible AI by leveraging Microsoft Purview Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention
  • Align to your business and regulatory compliance requirements to support data classification of sensitive information types
  • Configure Quick Win Tactical and prioritized policy settings to mature your data governance approach
  • Roadmap implementation plan & Purview advanced feature roll-out strategy for data governance
  • Client Challenges

  • Unprepared for Microsoft Copilot Lack of a comprehensive Data Governance & Zero Trust Security framework
  • Risk of insider data leakage
  • No cohesive data retention requirement strategy
  • Content management systems have evolved over time without a strategy for scale or comprehensive controls
  • Current controls are limited, cobbled together with various management and security systems and lack a true Zero Trust strategy
  • Service Options

  • Comprehensive and integrated data governance strategies for non-Microsoft and Multi-Cloud platform (support for third-party SaaS platforms)
  • Implementation of Purview recommendations and enablement of tactical roadmap and rollout of Purview data governance strategies
  • Support for advanced Purview features, such as Unified Data Governance, Data Lifecycle Management and Microsoft Priva
  • Strategy for user adoption and communication of new tools and capabilities with Microsoft Purview
  • Benefits

  • Prepared for the benefits of Responsible AI
  • Security tools and policies are integrated with the Microsoft Cloud
  • Maximize your ROI with current Microsoft investment
  • Enhanced productivity and cohesive collaboration with modern security toolsets and data classification techniques
  • Cost-effective solutions for data governance across workplace platforms
  • Engagement Approach

    ivision has developed a comprehensive solution for streamlining a data governance strategy and making most of the features within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Purview. Leveraging a data governance strategy, ivision will shape the requirements for protection of sensitive data, identifying data risks, and best practices for management of regulatory compliance and threat detection methods across employee use cases. ivision has an accelerated approach to help our clients:

  • Achieve design and strategy for data governance and compliance leveraging Purview
  • Standardize how sensitive data is identified and labeled
  • Enable Insider Risk Analytics features and automation capabilities
  • Standardize DLP Policies across Microsoft 365 platforms
  • Support an approach for tactical/prioritized policy changes and remediation
  • Validate with POC Testing of defined use cases
  • Business & Technical Objectives

  • Development of a Data Governance Strategy
  • A clear design and strategy for Microsoft Purview Information Protection
  • Alignment with business and regulatory compliance requirements to support data classifications
  • Support a strategy for user adoption and communication of new tools and capabilities leveraged with Microsoft Purview
  • Tactical and prioritized policies and settings to help in data governance maturity
  • Roadmap of implementation and advanced features for data governance with Microsoft Purview
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