Windows 365 Cloud PC: 4-Wk Implementation

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Windows 365 is a service that allows business customers to access Cloud PCs from anywhere. Windows 365 combines the power & security of cloud with the versatility & simplicity of the PC.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 is the latest major offering from Microsoft in the 365 family. The service finds its roots in the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) service, but there are many differences between Windows 365 and AVD. Windows 365 is a statically-assigned personal cloud virtual desktop service, which means that each user receives their own Windows 10 or 11 machine in the cloud with a local profile.

Business Benefits

• Flexible access to the Windows operating system including Office apps, files, settings, and programs via the Microsoft cloud • Device-independent use of the virtual desktop (both new and legacy endpoints are supported) • Enables hybrid work models with integrated remote work • Easy user management via the Windows 365 portal or Windows Endpoint Manager • Flexible and unlimited scalability in the Enterprise version • Secure IT infrastructure thanks to security-optimized Windows processes and protected Microsoft servers • Cost and effort savings through outsourcing to Windows cloud servers • Data is secured centrally in the cloud and protected against data loss • Point-in-time restore enables restoring Cloud PC to previous state


• Built with hybrid working in mind, Windows 365 makes device switching simple, maintaining a consistent state across all computers, laptops and tablets let workers pick up precisely where they left off. • Cloud PC provides the ability to work whenever, however, and wherever it’s needed. All employees want technology that is familiar, easy to use, and available across devices • Windows 365 helps businesses navigate a number of the issues that have presented themselves both during the pandemic and before. • Integrations with the company’s various security and identity management services (such as Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint) make setting up multi-factor authentication and conditional access simple. • Encryption is applied across the board, from data at rest to network traffic running to and from Cloud PCs. • Ramping storage and computing resources up or down for individual users made much easier, Cloud PCs will also appear alongside physical devices in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, making provisioning and patch management a breeze.

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