Power Platform COE: 2-hr Workshop

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Help your business take the first steps to implementing a Power Platform Centre of Excellence with a 2 hour introductory workshop to stakeholders, environment assessment and recommended next steps.

Microsoft’s Power Platform consisting of Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Virtual Agents, is an intuitive set of tools that enable individuals with no experience of coding and programming to build apps and flows. The Power Platform is so easy to use that anyone can start generating reports, building and automating processes and apps or even building chatbots. While this is great news for organisations, it’s important to note that with great power comes great responsibility.

It is easy to find yourself in a situation where there are hundreds of apps, reports and automated processes across your organisation, but are they working the way they are supposed to? As a business you need to understand the capabilities of those building with the Power Platform as well as regulating the power they have. There is sensitive information out there and to build a foundation for success we suggest you implement a governance structure. This will ensure no boundaries are crossed and all tools are used in compliance with our organisations values.

A Microsoft Power Platform Centre of Excellence (CoE), is a team, or governance program that is responsible for nurturing the growth of the platform in their organisation, while applying the right administrative boundaries and governance.

Our 2-hr Workshop is aimed at organisations that would like to implement a Power Platform CoE and need a little assistance in getting started. It includes an introductory 2 hour stakeholder meeting, that covers what a CoE is, and examples of how we have helped other organisations approaching and deploying a CoE. During the workshop we will take into consideration the type of organisation you have and your vision around implementing a CoE. Following the workshop we then provide a 1-day environment overview and documented recommendations to successfully start your own journey of implementing a world class CoE.

Let us help you kick start your CoE today!

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