SOS Enterprise Comm. App: 1-Wk Implementation

SOS Group Limited

SOS Group Limited provides Enterprise Communication App which aims to facilitate business operation, 2-way communication between colleagues and the company.

Enterprise Communication App is an app available on Teams with rich features to serve different functions and able to provide the latest update and news to staff.

Main features from Enterprise Communication App:

Company News: To post company news accouncement such as new products, services, news, reports etc, with the authorization you may also add or edit the post, providing the latest information which the staffs need to know

World News: Link to external sources or news with RSS feed, providing user to receive the latest news.

Helpful Tips: Provide user tips like safety tips, step-by-step tips, work smart tips to accelrate workflow

FAQ: Answering the most asked question, like how to reset password, how to setup Teams channel, how to tag people in Teams etc

Links: Customize you useful links for you staffs like company website, on-boarding tutorial, company system backend link, social media link etc

Emergency contacts: In case the frontline workers need to reach out the company with direct contact on phone or email

Make a request: Serve as a channel for staff to express their thought, comment or request in text form to the company, and allow them to submit it with their personal details or as an anonymous

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