Dynamics 365 Sales Essential Package - 2-Wk Rapid Implementation

Domain 6 Inc.

Get started with Dynamics 365 Sales in less than 2 weeks with Domain 6's Rapid Implementation Package

Looking to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales quickly without long and significant disruption to your daily operations? We have built a Rapid Implementation Package to help you get started in just a few weeks. Benefits:

  • Eliminate updates in Excel sheets
  • Clearly define sales cycle steps for your team
  • Effectively manage sales opportunities
  • Get insights into your team's performance with real-time reporting dashboards
  • Engage with your customers through multiple channels

Features Enabled with Dynamics 365 Sales Essential Package -Lead Nurturing -Account and Contact Management -Opportunity Management -Quote, Order, and Invoice Management -Lead to Opportunity Business Process Flow -Products, Price Lists and Product Bundles -Sales Dashboards -Users and Role Management

5-Steps Implementation Approach

  1. Product Demo and data templates walkthrough
  2. Environment setup configuration
  3. Data migration and system training
  4. User training
  5. Production setup and Go LIVE

​Why Domain 6 Rapid Implementation? We are your go-to implementation partner with 20+ years of experience in the technology business. While large enough to deliver extraordinary results, we are small enough to care about every single customer. We know how difficult it can be for small teams to take on a technology implementation project when you are rushing to close deals and meet clients’ expectations. That is why we have built a package that can be implemented in less than 2 weeks, allowing you to create incredible productivity improvements for your sales team, without several months of disruption to your business. ​

  • Quick Start. Take advantage of your new solution in less than 2 weeks with all the basic Dynamics 365 Sales functionality to turn your sales department into a powerful engine.
  • Pre-configured Setup. Through our extensive experience, we know what you need to enable your sales team to achieve more, so we have preconfigured most of the system for you.
  • Boosted ROI. At the end of the day, you want to make the best of your investment. And we know how to help you. Our rapid implementation approach cuts down your implementation costs by 60%.

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