Powerblox Output Management


Powerblox that lets you easily manage and distribute your report layouts

This powerblox lets you easily manage your report layouts and set the necessary rules to way you want to distribute your documents.

Key Features:
    - Manage your templates per document type.
    - Easily copy your different templates to other documents.
    - Define a overlay or a merge for your documents
    - Make changes to your layout with one simple click.
    - Define your default recievers for customers and Vendors.
    - Send certain documents always to your sales person.

Additional Powerblox that may be Usefull:       
Check out our Powerblox page for additional tools that can be helpfull for your wholesale company.

Certain functionalities are  also available as separate powerblox!
Supported Editions:
This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central
Supported Countries:
Is available for all countries.
Supported Languages: 
This app is available in Dutch, French and English

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