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Mobile data collection and platform for AX and D365 for Finance and Operations

ScanWorkX® for Microsoft AX and D365 is the next generation in barcode data collection, featuring a powerful Microsoft .NET architecture. The ScanWorkX interface is hardware-independent, intuitive, easy to use. ScanWorkX supports more than 50 standard transactions with and without barcode readers. Advanced transaction logic boosts productivity and streamlines Microsoft AX and D365 workflows. ScanWorkX logically combines process steps and speeds transaction validation and completion through the use of barcodes, lists of values, and directed logic. We place the highest priority on data integrity, security, real-time response, and user ergonomics. Combine this with the latest in mobile technology and a world-class support and implementation team, and you get ScanWorkX, the premier barcode data collection, WMS, and advanced warehouse solution for Microsoft D365.

DSI ScanWorkX Features
  • Choose only the transactions applicable to your environment and customize them at the company, site, warehouse and user level
  • Enable scalability with a modular transaction set that allows for system expansion—without changing your configuration
  • Increase efficiency with a high speed, easy-to-use solution that provides accurate inventory data to users in real time
  • Protect data integrity with integrated security permissions and parameters that ensure only transactions allowed by the ERP are performed
  • Control all tools and transactions directly from the D365 client with seamless integration—no additional user interfaces required
  • Support lot and serial traceability to provide an audit trail of material movements and serialized parts so your business can achieve compliance

Why Choose DSI ScanWorkX?
  • Best-in-class HTML5 interface, plus full-featured Windows Mobile/CE/Embedded client for legacy hardware
  • Supports standard and advanced warehouses, or a hybrid approach
  • Flexible configuration tailors the software to your business processes without expensive modifications
  • Configurable smart barcodes, lists of values, and auto-complete logic significantly reduce data entry time
  • Add additional form fields and modify label contents without paid modifications
  • Built from the ground-up specifically for Microsoft AX and D365
  • 24/7/365 software and hardware support through DSI’s Customer Success Center
  • Supports cloud, on premise, or hybrid installations.

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