WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud

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Ecosystems partnering solution for Joint Selling, Marketing and Solution Development

WorkSpan has completely reimagined how companies go to market together. For the first time, with the WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud, alliance and ecosystem leaders are finally able to build-with, market-with & sell-with their ecosystem partners in a single, secure, cloud-based network to grow business & abundance together.

With WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud, you can orchestrate multi-partner and partner-to-partner sales motions, and deliver end-to-end offerings to enable the best customer experiences.

This new integration gives Dynamics 365 customers:

1 - Opportunities in Dynamics are seamlessly synced to WorkSpan. New partner opportunities (and opportunity products) and updates to these joint opportunities in Dynamics are automatically synced to WorkSpan. You can securely share critical opportunity data with partners and ensure that the right partner activities are triggered by sales stage.

2 - Real-time view of the partner engagement and contribution, from within Dynamics. Sales teams in Dynamics will be able to see a view of the progress of the joint opportunity in WorkSpan. They can also see the partner activities and contribution on the deal, for instance - customer meetings, development of collateral and PoC, and engage directly with the partner teams to accelerate the deal.

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