Employee Onboarding for Dynamics 365 Human Resources

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A complete automated Hire Onboarding process in Microsoft Dynamics 365

The HR Power Extension Onboarding extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources with all functions for onboarding new employees.

Before the employee's actual start date, you can use electronic forms in the Onboarding Portal to request information, such as bank details, etc. From the first working day, the system supports your team and the new employee in the structured orientation process.

All highlights at a glance
  • Onboarding & Offboarding Templates
  • Synchronization of tasks and appointments with Outlook
  • Applicant gets access via onboarding portal
  • All phases of Onboarding are supported (before start, after start,…)
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to the right person, group, team
  • Handing over of tasks to the applicant before hiring

Save time & increase comfort

The high degree of automation saves you a lot of time. The Onboarding module is fully integrated as part of your D365 HR solution. The users work in their familiar Microsoft environment and multiple data entry is completely avoided.

Next steps

Live Presentation

We will be pleased to offer a live and online presentation of Employee Onboarding for Dynamics 365 Human Resources. During the presentation, we will address approaches tailored to your requirements and discuss live best practices: Request Live Presentation.

Demo Environment

Experience at your own pace how your daily working life could look in the future. Get access to a preconfigured virtual test environment: Access Demo Environment.

Trial Solution

You would like to test HR for Dynamics in your own Microsoft Dynamics 365? You can easily import the solution directly into your platform. It is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics CRM, CRM Online as well as on premise deployments: Trial Solution Download.

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