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Solve your complex mathematical problems with ease.

Solve your problems automatically with the new QuickCells Solvers features. Have more time for yourself by making your tasks less time-consuming and energy-consuming.

Whether you like math or not, solving problems will be easy for you.

Find solutions to your problems more easily and quickly with QuickCells Solvers. Download the free version to get one function and more than 15 functions, unlimited, by downloading the pro version from our website

Integrate, derive, solve equations and inequations (with n unknowns and n equations), calculate the limit of a function, simplify, factorize, expand and much more, all this only in QuickCells Solvers.

Come and discover QuickCells Solvers with the free trial version on our website, and choose the format of your results, QuickCells Solvers will return exact or approximate results, in the real or imaginary domain.

Visualize in a mathematical format, thanks to the Display panel, all the functions proposed by the QuickCells solvers add-on. You will be able to better understand all the data analysis.

Learn thanks to the precise calculation methodology of the Display panel, like a schoolyard, and working for all expressions. Functionality available for various functions such as derivatives and integrals.

Be careful, for security measures, you must download the free version from the official Microsoft page (this page) to get QuickCells Solvers on your spreadsheet.

To obtain the trial version or the pro version, you will have to go to our website

These measures have been taken in order to guarantee you maximum security. Microsoft manages the download and installation of the add-in and manages the licenses related to the add-in.

To do so, you must log in with your Microsoft account on our website in order to grant the license and have access to all the features.

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