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Promptloop is a platform to build spreadsheet capabilities using AI models.

✨ Start moving faster and getting more out of your spreadsheet data and exports.

✅ Drag and drop AI for any export or text you want to understand, search or transform.

🖥 PromptLoop uses powerful AI models like GPT-3 to detect exactly what you are looking for and calculate it automatically with a single formula.

🔄 Select, drag and drop and start free with no account needed.

This add-on lets you use a custom formula to automatically complete any text-based task, from categorizing and summarizing to formatting and translating. So whether you're dealing with large amounts of data or simply want to streamline your workflow, PromptLoop is the answer. And best of all, it's easy to use - just type in your formula and let PromptLoop do the rest. So why wait? Try PromptLoop today and see how much time you can save!

The Formula

PromptLoop works with a simple formula where you select a few example rows and then the answer for any new input will be generated automatically. Uses models like GPT-3, BLOOM, GPT-J and more to deliver you state of the art artificial intelligence.

=PROMPTLOOP ( inputExample. outputExample, targetCell )

Get started now and learn about more advanced usage or ask for help at

Automatically generate answers for:

- Translation

- Natural Language Processing

- Summarization

- Sentiment

- Categorization

- Labeling

- Survey Analysis

- GPT-3 / GPT3

- DeepMind

- Machine Learning


- Excel Formula


- Analysis API

- Data analysis

- Dashboard

- Sales list

App capabilities

When this app is used, it
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