TSI Link Data Analyzer

od: TSI Incorporated

An analytic tool designed for quickly aggregating and processing precision air quality measurements.

Data gathered from BlueSky (TM) and AirAssure (TM) Air Quality Monitors is stored in TSI Link's cloud platform. With a data service subscription, access is provided via API client identification and a secret. Query parameters are submitted from Excel to extract the data from the cloud platform into Excel in a user-friendly format.

Pre-formatted data from TSI Link (TM)-enabled devices can be easily and quickly aggregated and processed in Excel for analysis. For example, a date and time range can be specified, the data retrieved and measurements of interest selected to show a time chart and graph.

Customers are able to generate their own customized reports. That said, the tool currently has four reports to help jump start analysis.

1. Time Charts - Will generate a time-based table and chart of selected measurements. Includes a statistics table, report header and device statistics.

2. Floorplan - A graphic of a building's floorplan can be uploaded, devices are tagged on the image to create a map followed by which measurement is needed for display. The image is then saved for use in a report.

3. Thermal Comfort - A time-based temperature-humidity scatter plot with a Too Cool / Too Warm thermal comfort curve developed by ASHRAE. The thermal comfort is based upon four configurable parameters: Mean Radiant Temperature, Air Speed, Metabolic Rate and Clothing Level.

4. Time Comparison - A time-based report which allows comparison of two events. A typical use case would be critical measurements before and after installation of HVAC equipment. Starting times and duration is configured for the before and after events allowing an overlay graphical comparison of each critical measurement.

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