Aggregion Data Cooperation Platform

APlatforma LLC

Decentralized Data Cooperation Platform

We Combined Decentralized Protocol with Confidential Computing to Allow Trusted and Secure Cooperation Amongst any Partners

Trust with Aggregion Protocol
- Partners’ rights and permissions
- Metadata
- Approved scripts
- Immutable operations logs

Confidentiality with Trusted Execution Environment
- Partners authorization using external server
- Hardware-based encryption, with no external access
- Confidential computing cluster with any number of parties



Use Cases
Data/media monetization
Joint forecasting and category management with CPGs
Customer insights projects with CPGs
Omnichannel communications (web, app, in-store)

5-20% profit growth using joint optimization (Category management and supply chains)
Additional sales generated with more efficient Ads targeted at retailer’s audience
Additional revenue stream from data/media monetization
New customers using partners’ audiences (telco, 3rd parties)

Use Cases
Business partnerships and ecosystems
Customer acquisitions using partners’ audiences
Underwriting models improvement
Fraud management

$60T total estimated revenue of network economy by 2025
60% of the US banks we surveyed said they were likely to form or join an ecosystem
20%+ increase in underwriting accuracy using retail and telco data
Acquisition of new customers in cooperation with telco/retail

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