Teams Connect for Education

od: Identity Experts Limited

Teams Connect is a fully-automated service to help colleges automate their Teams lifecycle.

As Universities and Colleges across the UK continue to embrace new technologies, Microsoft Teams has found its popularity soaring. 
Many educational establishments, however, are yet to tap into the full potential of this collaborative solution, unaware that managing the Microsoft Teams lifecycle needn’t be complicated.
As many colleges and universities are finding, using Microsoft Teams for Education effectively requires the move towards automation. Manual methods of creating and managing individual teams is incredibly time consuming and costly - and with the added pressures of remote learning, there’s little time for long-winded processes and human errors.
In response to this surprisingly common challenge, Identity Experts has developed Teams Connect, a fully-supported solution that automates Microsoft Teams lifecycle management. 
Unlike traditional, manual processes (often including the creation and uploading of CSV files), Teams Connect takes a feed directly from the Student Records System, ensuring that data is always current. The results are instantly tangible: staff can reclaim their time, decrease human error, and be confident that the information in Microsoft Teams is correct, while users know that they have access to the right teams at all times.
Teams Connect is provided as a fully-supported service over a year to universities and colleges, and includes initial configuration and UK-based support from the experts.  Minimum term is 3 years.

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