ITM Blockchain Scaling Solution

od: International Trust Machines Corporation

ITM fulfills blockchain of things through the convergence of IoT and Blockchain.

International Trust Machines Corporation (ITM) provides blockchain scaling solution and blockchain-enabled ICs. ITM addresses the issue of convergence in blockchain technology and the Internet of Things with a practical and scalable solution. ITM solution solves core problem of blockchain while advantage of blockchain is leveraged to provide data security, data integrity and data traceability for IoT. Our technology enables large volumes of data to be attested with only these attestations stored on the blockchain in what can be called blockchain-based attestation.

Solution Feature :  

  • Scalability: Proprietary security protocol allows  millions of off-chain data with only a single main-chain transaction 
  • Low Cost: less than 0.001 USD per transaction, ideal for IoT
  • Data Processing & Privacy: only 32 bytes crypto proof on mainchain & compliant with GDPR guidelines, and allows AI and big data analysis
  • Auditability : Verification is transparent with ITM open source verification program anytime anywhere
  • IC Enabled Auditing: With 100kb size SDK, ITM Scaling algorithm can be embedded into MCU level controller which guarantee data integrity from IoT source

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