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Achieve complete and up to date employee profiles across Microsoft 365. Get up and running in hours

Eliminate unnecessary and time-consuming manual profile updates for HR and IT across disparate systems. LiveTiles Directory knows what’s missing, out-of-date or incorrect, and proactively contacts employees for updates.

Compliance & Standardization
Gain real-time insights and reporting on employee profile quality. Enforce organizational standards with data validations and approval workflows.

Profile Quality & Accuracy
Unify employee profiles across disparate sources including Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online User Profiles, Delve, and Microsoft Teams. Custom connectors available to HRIS/HCM platforms.

Simple & Easy
Updates for users and administrators are quick and easy. Customizable attributes make it simple to find experts across your organization.

Unlock Value in Microsoft 365
Accurate and complete profile data across Microsoft 365 apps and experiences to power effective content targeting and workflow automation.

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