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Enterprise intranet packed with extensive set of configurable features to boost productivity

With LiveTiles Enterprise, your large scale intranet solution, you can create personalized experiences and save users time finding information by delivering ultra-targeted content. When you have hundreds of people using your intranet, some of whom are located in various locations across the globe, providing the ability to target content is essential.

The news hub can be surfaced on any SharePoint page or from the LiveTiles Everywhere panel where news can be delivered in whatever app people are working in.  

Use the intuitive news editor for peer-to-peer communication and use the integration features to create a handy newsfeed from all relevant sources.

The mega menu feature offers a customizable global navigation for your intranet that can span across multiple hubs and site collections and bind together Classic and Modern SharePoint sites.

Enable users to intuitively provision workspaces at the same time as you meet the business’ need for governance. The workspaces module enables seamless provisioning and governance of workspaces within SharePoint and Teams.

Built in content governance and compliance for your intranet

An extensive set of tools makes taking care of a large scale intranet easy. 

  • News and publishing
  • Content governance
  • Targeted communications
  • Multilingual options
  • Extensive navigation options
  • Intranet accessibility
  • Workplace compliance
  • Branded experience
  • Employee engagement
  • Governed collaboration
  • Multi screen options

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