Intelligent Text Extractor

Marlabs Global Development Center

ITE is a computer-vision based OCR solution

ITE provides high accuracy text extraction capabilities on printed, hand-printed and hand-written texts. It supports multiple languages, auto-classification of unfamiliar document templates and validations for text type & format.
ITE addresses the scaling needs of enterprises for data digitalization as volumes increase, making it efficient to store and standardize data.

  • Higher Accuracy- Reliably extract Printed, hand printed & hand-written text using an ensemble of algorithms
  • No Upfront Template Configuration- Detect texts from unfamiliar documents without any configuration
  • Auto Classification- Classify similar documents as the same template
  • Real-Time- Recognize & extract useful data in seconds, more time for high-value work
  • Integrated workflow- Seamless text extraction, validation & export for document data
  • Support all popular file formats JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF and languages
  •  No cost of infrastructure – SaaS model
  • No license cost

ITE can be used by education, insurance, banking, finance & medical businesses to digitize their documents which are PD