zipboard - Bug tracking with annotated screenshots


Integrated design feedback and bug tracking tool for teams building web content.

zipBoard is an integrated client feedback and task management tool. zipBoard lets teams gather quick feedback with annotated screenshots and videos from stakeholders. zipBoard makes it easy for teams building different media to get quick reviews and then add those reviews to their task workflow.

Easier QA reviews on different media types and web based content

* zipBoard lets you gather review on different media types - image files, web based content, website, e-learning courses, PDF files, HTML files.

* Options to share feedback using videos and screenshots for a more specific feedback.

Quicker client collaboration and communication

* Clients can share feedback on their web based content using quick screenshot and markup tools

* Contextual feedback helps reproduce the issue easily and communicate on specific details with clients.

Organize, track client feedback and tasks in one place

* Prioritize, assign, track feedback and tasks. * Easily reproduce and validated reported issues.

* Manage and view tasks in Kanban or spreadsheet view
 Flexible project management features

* With zipBoard you can review multiple documents or websites within the same project or separate them across projects.

* Break down your project tasks and reviews in phases to better track progress

* Separate conversations between internal collaborators and clients Integrations

* Integrates with communication tools like Slack, JIRA

* API available for advanced integrations

* More business applications integration in the Microsoft suite - coming soon.