Microsoft Viva: 12-week proof of concept

Awara IT Kazakhstan LLP

Awara IT offers 12-weeks proof of concept will help businesses to launch their own unified Microsoft Viva project according to the global best practices.

About this implementation Unified Microsoft Viva platform can help companies to attract best talents, determine effective working patterns, establish strong corporate culture, and share best practices across company.During this implementation, together with the customer, we will build solution prototype using sandbox, test it, verify business requirements, and later use this sandbox as developer or staging environment.

Products covered: Viva Insights, Viva Learning, Viva Topics, Viva Connections, Viva Goals and Viva Pulse.

Intended for

IT professionals, HRD, business analysts, C-level managers. This implementation will be helpful for all industries with staff shortage, specifically in large companies.

Project plan

• AWARENESS STAGE (1 week) Introduction briefings For business users – 1 day For technical professionals – 1 day • Problem discovering session – 1 day• TECHNICAL STAGE (10 week) Azure DevOps setup (project management, documentation, CI/CD) Setup of sandbox environment Test data migration Viva Products configuration Development of custom PowerBI reports Using Azure Machine Learning for VIVA data analyze and predictions API Integrations with necessary data sources, etc• READINESS STAGE (1 week) Technical training for customer IT Staff – 3 days Business trainings – 1 day Functional requirements document preparation

Deliverables and outcomes

  • Working sandbox with Viva Solutions: this sandbox can be further used to setup secure and manageable process of developing and delivery new features from development team to production environment
  • Plan of deployment to production
  • Functional requirements document
  • Developer and technical support documentation for future solution improvement

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