Power Platform Centre of Excellence Starter Kit - 5 Day Implementation

Ingentive Limited

We will implement the Power Platform CoE starter kit and extend this to best fit your specific needs and use cases

The Microsoft Power Platform CoE Starter Kit is a collection of components and tools that are designed to help you get started with developing a strategy for adopting and supporting Microsoft Power Platform.

The Starter Kit is a template that might not match every organisation's requirements, so we work with customers to extend this to best fit their specific needs over the course of just a few days.

Using the tools to create better solutions which save time, money and resource is a key outcome, as well as ensuring that users are able to solve their business problems, while being part of a community they can rely on to ask for help.

This 5 day engagement involves:

  • Analysis & Discovery - during this first half day session, Akari invite key stakeholders to establish objectives and milestones to define the engagement. This will include current resource and skills within the business, priorities, timelines and other overarching considerations e.g. digital transformation strategy

  • Centre of Excellence Starter Kit Implementation - The deployment of the Microsoft CoE Starter Kit will capture data which will be analysed to provide a clear picture of how the Power Platform is being utilised in your organisation and the levels of adoption across the estate

  • Technical Handover of CoE Toolkit - These two half day sessions are designed for IT leads better understand the CoE Starter Kit. The sessions will detail what components are contained within the toolkit, how to use them and keep up to date with the latest in Microsoft technologies, and what each of the components mean for your business

  • Creation of recommendations report - This phase defines a strategy that will empower users while still maintaining control and governance over data and processes. We will then support the strategy by putting the tools in place to ensure its success. The report will contain guidance around environment strategy, compliance & DLP policies, managing the Power Platform, maker onboarding & establishing our maker community, and compliance & app onboarding

  • Playback Session & next steps - This session invites senior stakeholders to review the recommendations report and feedback and ideas or suggestions to shape the strategy for the organisation. The Akari team will then use this information to finalise the recommendations.

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