Andworx Migration to Dataverse from SharePoint – Single Implementation Block

Andworx, LLC

Andworx Migration to Dataverse from SharePoint

Andworx is a team of experts specialized in developing impactful Power Platform solutions that showcase the true capabilities of a Dataverse enabled Power Platform implementation.

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation with Andworx, a leading provider of Microsoft Power Platform services and solutions! Collaborate with us to showcase the true capabilities of a Power Platform implementation, tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

SharePoint is a common first data source for organizations standardizing business processes but fails to scale as solutions become increasingly complex. Migrating existing SharePoint-based solutions into Dataverse realizes immediate value by leveraging Power Platform’s governance capabilities, security model, and integration extensibility. With features including security roles, row-level security, audit history, column security, business process flows, external data connectors, and environment Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Dataverse improves the scalability, maturity, simplicity, and flexibility of solutions beyond SharePoint’s limitations.

With this implementation engagement, our team of Microsoft Power Platform experts will work with you to review solution requirements, define the business value of Dataverse, develop a solution, and provide an initial migration strategy.

By the end of the implementation engagement, your organization will have a functional Microsoft Power Platform solution utilizing Dataverse and along with support documentation which will enable you to have a clear vision of capabilities to make informed decisions for your organization’s next steps. Don't wait, partner with Andworx today and take the next step towards maturing your organization with the Microsoft Power Platform!

Approach: Our Migration to Dataverse from SharePoint – Single Implementation Block includes 4 phases to be conducted over a 5-day period:

  • Review solution requirements: Conduct stakeholder interviews and business requirement gathering sessions to understand as-is process and document requirements.
  • Define the business value of Dataverse: Provide business value differentiators for using Dataverse in place of SharePoint for data storage.
  • Develop solution: Develop the solution architecture, construct the data model, update the exiting solution to utilize Dataverse tables, test and validate the migration, and finally, package the solution up for delivery.
  • Business Value Assessment Report highlighting Power Platform / Dataverse differentiators over existing processes.
  • Functional Microsoft Power Platform with Dataverse solution packed up for import or built in customer Microsoft 365 tenant.

All Andworx services are performed in the United States by US Citizens. Andworx holds a US Government Top Secret facility clearance and is experienced building solutions in Microsoft 365 tenants that include commercial, GCC, GCC High (IL4), and DOD (IL5).

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