APN - Teams Calling 2-Wk POC


Extend the capabilities of Microsoft Teams with the ability to communicate with PSTN users

The pilot implementation of Teams calling is made up of launching key functionalities offered by the Phone System license for a selected group of users in the organization. However, it should be noted that the pilot deployment architecture is scalable and can be extended to the entire organization by increasing the number of Phone System licenses.

What will be needed to complete the pilot implementation? · Configured Microsoft Teams environment · Phone System Subscription · SIP Trunk link from current VoIP provider · SBC device – compliant with list Session Border Controllers certified for Direct Routing - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

The project involves the implementation of Teams calling in the Direct Routing architecture.

Tasks to be carried out as part of the pilot: · Teams c]Calling introductory workshop · Analysis of the architecture of current telephony · Technical design of Teams Calling implementation · Installation and configuration of Session Border Controller · Microsoft Phone System configuration · Configuration of selected scenarios · Solution Tests · Production implementation of Teams Calling · Workshop for administrators · Workshop for end-users · Post deployment documentation

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