Power Platform Accelerator: 2-Wk Assessment

Applied Information Sciences

Envisioning, design, governance, training, proof of concept, and long term planning assessment to accelerate your cloud transformation on Power Platform in less than two weeks.

Kick start your organization's cloud transformation with Power Platform through a 2-to-5-day workshop designed to build understanding of the Platform and how you can leverage its power to innovate siloed business processes and data. In these hands-on sessions, we’ll identify business challenges and co-design their Platform-based solutions, plan for enterprise management and governance, and (optionally) begin to empower your users to build using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.

When completed, the AIS team will deliver a comprehensive Power Platform Adoption Plan, customized for your organization with everything needed to get you established in the cloud via Microsoft Power Platform.

We begin with two core activities lasting the equivalent of 1-3 days: the Envisioning Workshop brings business and IT stakeholders together to prioritize and design Platform-enabled solutions to the business challenges you’re seeking to solve, and the Enterprise Management Workshop lays the groundwork for comprehensive management and governance.

We then offer the following optional activities that we match to the immediate goals of your organization:

  • App in a Day (AIAD) training

  • Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) training

  • Hackathon

  • Proof of Concept (PoC)

AIS is a globally recognized leader in helping complex, large, and enterprise-grade organizations adopt business applications to automate and unify their operations as they scale in the cloud and through hybrid solutions. This offering delivers the team, tools, patterns, and processes necessary for accelerating the adoption of Power Platform in your organization. Learn more – contact us today!

*Price is estimated dependent on which optional activities are desired for inclusion.