Customer Insights Deployment: 2-Wk Workshop

Armanino LLP

• Customer Insights In a Day Workshop
• Proof of Concept Deployment (with actual business data)
• Level of Effort estimate to implement Dynamics 365 Insights

So many consumers stop doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience. To prevent customer attrition most effectively, you need to understand your customers’ habits and anticipate their needs. To help organizations accomplish this, Microsoft developed Customer Insights to offer organizations a platform to aggregate data into more accurate and robust customer profiles — preparing your organization to deliver a more powerful product and a more personalized experience for your clients.
There are numerous solutions available that claim to provide greater insight into customer data, but before deciding on a solution you should ask yourself:
• Do you have enough customer data?
• Are you deriving value from that data?
• Can you leverage it to prevent churn?
• Are you maximizing your customers’ lifetime value?


Our Microsoft certified experts and in-house data scientists have extensive experience implementing and managing the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Our team can provide guidance on cloud, AI, data and developer platforms to help you gain the insight into your customers that you need to serve them better.
We offer a two-week workshop that helps you understand the minutiae of the Customer Insights platform to ensure you can maximize your improved customer data to its greatest benefit.


Armanino provides an integrated set of business solutions to a wide range of organizations. You can count on us to think strategically and provide sound insights that lead to positive action. We address your underlying business challenges to drive your strategic success.

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