SharePoint Online Initial Implementation

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The goal of the service is to create a first SharePoint site for a designated pilot department

We address organizations that are working with Microsoft 365 and want to discover the collaboration and teamwork possibilities of SharePoint online and Microsoft 365 ecosystem. The goal of the service is to create a group site for a designated pilot department of the organization.

The site will contain a space to publish news and a calendar of events, in addition to the document management for the department. Both news and events will be the types of content provided by SharePoint Out of the Box.

For the document management, extended document libraries will be used, along with the necessary columns to contain the metadata that is agreed with the customer. Also, a folder structure will be created and redefined during the definition of site governance, aolg with an alert system will be added to warn when documents are added or any of them are modified

This service will be carried out in three phases:

  1. Definition of governance. Such as user profiles and permissions, folder structure or deletion policies.
  2. Build. The site creation and all necessary elements will be created
  3. Delivery and training. A training session will be scheduled jointly with Department for the delivery of the site and the documentation.

The documentation included in the proposal is as follows: Site Deployment Manual Technical site design User manual.

The estimated duration of the project for a small department consisting of 10 to 20 people is five weeks.

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