The Modern Workplace: 1 hour Briefing Session


This 1 hours briefing session provides a complete overview of our Modern Workplace concept of Endpoint Management, Identity & Access Management and Collaboration Solutions in context to your business.

The Modern Workplace is a flexible, modern, and safe workplace to the individual end-user based on cloud services from Microsoft 365 / Business Premium.

The concept is based on a harmonious combination of the 3 areas: Endpoint Management, Identity & Access Management and Collaboration Solutions, which together constitute the most optimal business setup all round, but can also be used independently of each other, depending on the existing starting point.

We leverage the Microsoft 365 / business Premium licenses and cloud services to baseline infrastructure centered on a tested framework for implementation.

1. Modern Endpoint Management

With our Modern Endpoint Management solution, we will deliver a modern solution which keeps your devices and data secure in a cloud managed solution.

This area is for organizations that wants to:

• Ship devices directly to users.
• Allow users to be productive from anywhere, while protecting and securing user and organization data.
• Perform remote actions such as wiping a device remotely.
• Provide your users with a Single-Sign-On experience to cloud and on-premises apps.
• Managed iOS, Android, MacOS and windows devices.
• Manage device security in Microsoft 365 security center.
• Use Secure score to validate your security posture against Microsoft best practices.

2. Identity & Access Management

With this solution you will be able to protect users and data and secure your organization against cybersecurity attacks.

This area is for organizations that wants to:

• Give users a seamless sign on experience
• Simplify access to apps from anywhere
• Secure data and users with conditional access
• Implement MFA on all users
• Central security governance

3. Collaboration Solutions

With our Modern Work platform solution for Collaboration, employees will be able to work and collaborate from anywhere, on any device. The solution also ensures that employees can be productive in an environment based on a secure baseline.

This area is for organizations that wants to:

• Ensure that users have the best tools for collaborating in a hybrid work environment.
• Ensure users can communicate across different locations and time zones
• Increase employee productivity.
• Improve collaboration across the organization and information sharing.
• Have resources available online and on available on any device.

All needed licenses are founded from Microsoft 365 and Business Premium.

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