Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management Health Check: 4-Wk Assessment


Diagnose current challenges and provide a detailed get-well plan for a given Dynamics 365 area such a P2P, General Ledger, Reporting, Project Management & Accounting etc.

Avantiico's Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Health Check is designed as a diagnostic framework, that provides Avantiico consultants enough time to understand your’ existing Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations pain points (procurement, AP, GL, reporting etc.). Avantiico will document current pain points based on Subject Matter Expert (SME) interviews, process decision and dig into existing workflow of the “infected” area. Once the Avantiico consultants have established data points and a sufficient understanding of the root causes, Avantiico will provide a “Get Well” plan including a list of low hanging fruits and next step action items.

  1. Interview with SME's
  2. Review existing processes
  3. Look at existing Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations configurations
  4. Document findings and deliver a get-well plan

As part of carrying out the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Health Check, Avantiico consultants might challenge Customer on the desirability of existing processes and Third Party Solutions (ISV’s) solutions. This can also include diving into the reasons for foundational set-up decisions made customers implementation Phases. All captured background information serves to build a detailed recommendation for a “healthy” future Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations setup.

Avantiico's Dynamics 365 Health-Check covers functional and technical areas but can be defined case-by-case.

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