AX2012 Upgrade to Dynamics 365: 4-Wk Assessment


Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Upgrade Assessment for Cloud migration to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation for enterprise businesses

The high-level goal of the Microsoft upgrade assessment is to provide you with an estimate of effort for a potential upgrade from your version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation cloud hosted solution.

The starting point for the upgrade assessment is to provide decision makers with a detailed review of all technical aspects needed to be considered for a technical upgrade, which would include all data and code in the upgrade.

A software re-implementation upgrade approach might change the assessment outcome, depending on initial findings. Avantiico will also include an evaluation of your Independent Software Vendor (ISV) “add-on” applications to AX2012.

Further, the assessment and related estimate should include time for Avantiico’s increased assistance with application documentation and testing. Finally, the assessment also considered future potential additional customizations and increased usage of the current AX2012 environment prior to the start of an upgrade to Dynamics 365.

In terms of definitions, the goal of a technical upgrade is to provide the same feature set available to the customer in AX2012 in an upgraded application version Dynamics 365. Business process improvement, analysis of options for improved efficiencies, and consideration of additional new Dynamics 365 features is not within the scope of a technical upgrade.

You and Avantiico will in the process agreed that some aspects of the upgrade which would be difficult to evaluate in the time allocated for the assessment would be excluded.

The assessment therefore excludes estimates for: licensing costs, potential additional cloud environments, your internal resources, and post-GoLive support. If you want Avantiico to provide you with a licensing estimate, help shape a new EA agreement or calculate needed environments, we do this free of charge.

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